Investing in and collaborating with Bitcoin, Crypto and Web3 teams.
Meridian DAO supports early stage ventures in the Bitcoin, Crypto and Web3 space. Our mission is to foster collaboration on key verticals leading to the successful launch of future-focused digital financial products .
Projects we are backing
Connecting Entrepreneurs with Tech Talents , Influencers , and an Engaged Community
At Meridian DAO, we play a vital role in connecting entrepreneurs with top tech talents, influential individuals, and an engaged customer base. Through our extensive network and expertise, we help entrepreneurs develop world-class projects on blockchain technology.
Tech Talent
We connect entrepreneurs with top tech talents who are passionate about blockchain innovation.
Our extensive network includes influential individuals who can help promote your blockchain projects.
" In the critical phases of our launch, Meridian was more than a partner; they were our anchor. Their support and guidance were crucial in navigating MetaLaunch through the complex crypto market. "
Naidu M.
CEO, Asva Labs
Our Expert Team
Meet the passionate and experienced individuals driving Meridian Capital
CIO | Head of Research
OG, BD, Co-Founder, and Director of various cryptocurrency companies and projects. Loves long walks on the beach by day, and yield farming by night.
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COO | Advisory Services Lead
Investor, Co-Founder, Advisor. I focus on building fundamentals in early-stage startups, while also embracing new & risky ventures.
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Coll. Debt
CTO | Tech Advisor
Blockchain developer, and tech advocate. Loves long distance running and long podcasts.
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Head of Strategic Development
Advisor, Investor, sales and Real Estate Business Expert with expertise in Business Management & Development.
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ZK-Rollups & L2s
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